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Zepter’s product line features a revolutionary cooking system, a unique vacuum food preservation system, an air-purifying system, cosmetic light therapy, high-quality cutlery, and various kitchen accessories.


“We are proud of our products. We are proud of their superior quality, striking design and our advanced technology.
We enjoy our work. We respect those who work with us. There is one, most important principle behind all of our actions: your health and beauty.”
Philip Zepter, President of Zepter International

Mr. Philip Zepter has created a philosophy of healthy living and perfection aimed at maintaining the health of present and future generations and solving ecological problems


The health, beauty and well-being of people, supported by environmentally-friendly products, protective services and ecological awareness are the long-term commitments of the Zepter group.


All Zepter products are manufactured in seven factories among Switzerland, Italy, and Germany using advanced top of the line technology to deliver the highest quality in the world. Zepter has over 30 pavilions located on the main avenues of the major cities of the world, including Paris, Monte-Carlo, Munich, Athens, Barcelona, Moscow, Milan, Budapest, Warsaw and Göteborg.The company currently boasts more than 250,000 square meters of business space and more than 500 distribution centers worldwide. Zepter shops are located in over 40 countries across five continents. The products and the environment of the modern and elegant shops express the Zepter philosophy at its best: everything is created to improve health and the quality of life.


Zepter International has received multiple recognitions for being a leader in global trade, for technological advances, for reliability, for the consumers confidence in the Zepter trademark, for its promotion of health, but also for its contribution to the prosperity of people, for supporting hospitals and people in need. Zepter products have been repeatedly awarded for their high quality, superior design, and for the promotion of people’s health and well-being.


Zepter’s highly trained and professional worldwide sales force accounts over 100,000 representatives, independent consultants, and managers. Our massive sales team helps over 50 million Zepter customers worldwide to utilize their products properly and take advantage of all the health benefits of Zepter’s approach to a healthy living.

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  • Zepter Michigan is an official sales representative of Zepter International USA. We are not distributors. Our office has a high level of customer satisfaction from seventeen years of providing excellent sales support and consulting for our clients in the U.S. market since 2001 . We comply with the company policy and provide a full range of services and guarantees for our clients. We hope to play a major role in servicing you and your family’s home, kitchen, and health-minded nutritional needs for years to come.

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