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Zepter Masterpiece Cookware:

Stackable & Versatile (Saves Space & Saves Time)
Accuthermal Bottom & Hermetically-Sealing Lid
(Even Heat Distribution, Uniform Temperature)

Material: CrNi 18/10, Surgical Steel, High Chemical Neutrality
(Does not react with food, Does not corrode, Easy to clean)

Ability to cook without salt, oil, or water
(Preserves vitamins, minerals, & natural flavors)
Ability to cook at under 100 degrees Celsius
(Many essential nutrients break down at water’s boiling point)

Lifetime Guarantee (Steel Manufacturing Defects)

Zepter European Engineering:

– Chemical Neutrality: The material CrNi 18/10 is very durable and chemically stable. Unlike most of the cookware in your home, Zepter will not react with the food you prepare in it. By using conventional cooking accessories, you are slowly poisoning your body with the very metals you use in the cooking process.

– Accuthermal Bottom: Zepter Cookware absorbs heat faster and retains it longer than any conventional cookware. The main reason for that is the 1cm thick accuthermal bottom. The benefit of this method of cooking is that you do not need to overheat the produce, which prevents enzymes in your food from denaturing while saving vitamins and minerals.

– Uniform Design with You in Mind: The cookware diameters are compatible with one another, which allows you to save space and time by cooking several dishes at the same time using the multi-level stacking system engineered by Zepter.

Waterless & Greaseless Cooking: The Zepter cooking system does not require water throughout the cooking process. Due to heating and condensation, steam undergoes circulation, during which the food is prepared while the water-soluble vitamins are preserved. When mixed vegetables are cooked in Zepter cookware, each vegetable will retain its own flavor, aroma and color. Moreover, Zepter defines broiling and cooking without fat or oil. As a result, the meat stews in its own juices, composed mostly of water, leading to less calorie intake and more flavor.

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