Contact us for promotional prices and please click on the following links to view images of Zepter masterpiece knives.

Zepter Professional Collection:

KP-010: Zepter Professional Paring Knife
KP-011: Zepter Professional Universal Knife
KP-012: Zepter Professional Carving Knife
KP-013: Zepter Professional Chef’s Knife
KP-SET: Zepter Professional Set

Zepter Resolute Collection:

KR-010: Zepter Resolute Paring Knife
KR-011: Zepter Resolute Universal Knife
KR-012: Zepter Resolute Chef’s Knife
KR-014: Zepter Resolute Kitchen Knife
KR-015: Zepter Resolute Santoku Knife
KR-016: Zepter Resolute Set

Zepter Absolute Collection:

KA-010: Zepter Absolute Paring Knife
KA-012: Zepter Absolute Carving Knife
KA-014: Zepter Absolute Bread Knife
KA-016: Zepter Absolute Santoku Knife
KAF-020: Zepter Absolute Meat Fork
KA-SET: Zepter Absolute Set

Zepter Felix Accessories:

KS-010: Zepter Stainless Steel Kitchen Shears

KSS-010: Zepter Knife Ceramic Sharpener 10″
KSS-011: Zepter Knife Diamond Sharpener 10″
KSS-012: Zepter Knife Steel Sharpener 10″

KMS-010: Zepter Magnetic Knife Stand (Solid Walnut)
KMS-012: Zepter Magnetic KnifeStand (Veneered Dark Oak)
KCB-010: Zepter Cutting Board (Solid Walnut)

Specialty Items:

KZE-001: Zepter Santoku Knife Edition No. 1
PK-007: Zepter Pocket Knife


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  • Zepter Michigan is an official sales representative of Zepter International USA. We are not distributors. Our office has a high level of customer satisfaction from seventeen years of providing excellent sales support and consulting for our clients in the U.S. market since 2001 . We comply with the company policy and provide a full range of services and guarantees for our clients. We hope to play a major role in servicing you and your family‚Äôs home, kitchen, and health-minded nutritional needs for years to come.

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