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Zepter Masterpiece Cookware Sets:

Z-510: Zepter Z Standard Masterpiece Cookware Set (Link: Composition)
Z-520: Zepter Z Universal Masterpiece Cookware Set (Link: Composition)
Z-530: Zepter Z Grande Masterpiece Cookware Set (Link: Composition)

Zepter Masterpiece Cookware Individual Items:

Z-1615: Zepter Casserole 1.5 lt 16.0 cm h7.5 cm
Z-1620: Zepter Casserole 2.0 lt 16.0 cm h10.0 cm
Z-1620-SC: Zepter Saucepan 2.0 lt 16.0 cm h10.0 cm (1 handle + lid)
Z-1625: Zepter Pot 2.5 lt 16.0 cm h12.5 cm
Z-2012-S: Zepter Frying Pan 1.2 lt 20.0 cm h4.2 cm (1 handle no lid)
Z-2015: Zepter Casserole 1.5 lt 20.0 cm h5.0 cm
Z-2020: Zepter Casserole 2.0 lt 20.0 cm h6.8 cm (URA Technology)
Z-2030-SC: Zepter Saucepan 3.0 lt 20.0 cm h9.7 cm (1 handle + lid)
Z-2042: Zepter Pot 4.2 lt 20.0 cm h13.5 cm
Z-2050: Zepter Pot 5.0 lt 20.0 cm h16.3 cm
Z-2058: Zepter Pot 5.8 lt 20.0 cm h18.5 cm
Z-2420-S: Zepter Frying Pan 2.0 lt 24.0 cm h4.5 cm (1 handle no lid)
Z-2430: Zepter Casserole 3.0 lt 24.0 cm h6.8 cm (URA)
Z-2440: Zepter Casserole 4.0 lt 24.0 cm h9.0 cm
Z-2455: Zepter Pot 5.5 lt 24.0 cm  h12.5 cm
Z-2470: Zepter Pot 7.0 lt 24.0 cm h15.8 cm
Z-2490: Zepter Pot 9.0 lt 24.0 cm h20.3 cm
Z-2830Z: Zepter Griller Z 3.0 lt 28.0 cm h5.0 cm
Z-2850B: Zepter Casserole 5.0 lt 28.0 cm h8.3 cm (Lid B)
Z-2875: Zepter Pot 7.5 lt 28.0 cm h12.5 cm
Z-28120: Zepter Pot 12.0 lt 28.0 cm h12.5 cm
Z-V3025Z: Zepter Oval Griller 2.5 lt 30×22 cm h5.0 cm
Z-V3060: Zepter Oval Casserole 6.0 lt 30×22 cm h12.5 cm

Z-FP2016-SC: Zepter Frying Pan 1.6 lt 20.0 cm h5.5 cm (URA) (1 handle + lid)
Z-FP2425-SC: Zepter Frying Pan 2.5 lt 24.0 cm h6.0 cm (URA) (1 handle + lid)
Z-FP2838-LSC: Zepter Frying Pan 3.8 lt 28.0 cm h6.5 cm (URA) (2 handles + lid)

Z-W2424-SC: Zepter Wok 2.4 lt 24.0 cm h7.0 cm (1 handle + lid)
Z-W3045: Zepter Wok 4.5 lt 30.0 cm h9.0 cm

Z-SR20: Spaghetti Rack 6.0 lt 20.0 cm h21.7 cm
Z-S20: Strainer 2.8 lt 20 cm h9.7 cm
Z-S24: Strainer 4.8 lt 24 cm h11.0 cm
Z-420-18: Zepter Steam Basket System 18.0 cm
Z-420-18C: Zepter Steam Basket System 2.0 lt 18.0 cm h7.7 cm
Z-420-20: Zepter Syncro-Click 20.0 cm
Z-420-24: Zepter Syncro-Click 24.0 cm

Z-CB16: Zepter Combi Bowl 1.0 lt 16.0 cm (+ lid)
Z-CB20: Zepter Combi Bowl 2.0 lt 20.0 cm (+ lid)
Z-CB24: Zepter Combi Bowl 3.0 lt 24.0 cm (+ lid)
Z-SB16S: Zepter Serving Bowl 0.3 lt 16 cm h1.7 cm (URA) (shallow)
Z-SB20S: Zepter Serving Bowl 0.5 lt 20 cm h1.7 cm (URA) (shallow)
Z-SB24S: Zepter Serving Bowl 0.7 lt 24 cm h1.9 cm (URA) (shallow)
Z-SB16D: Zepter Serving Bowl 0.6 lt 16 cm h3.3 cm (URA) (deep)
Z-SB20D: Zepter Serving Bowl 1.0 lt 20 cm h4.1 cm (URA) (deep)
Z-SB24D: Zepter Serving Bowl 1.8 lt 24 cm h4.8 cm (URA) (deep)

Disclaimer: U.S. markets do not sell the Radio Digital Thermocontrol. Purchasing Zepter masterpiece cookware in the U.S. will only include the Analog Thermocontrol. 

Zepter Cookware Vegetables

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