Zepter Cookware Benefits & Directions

Zepter Cookware Material 316 L (Cr-Ni-Mb 18/12/3):

– Transfers Heat Evenly
– Food Does Not Burn
– Resistant to Corrosion
– Non Porous & Does Not Retain Food Odors
– Easy to Use, Clean, & Maintain
– Indestructible, Resistant to Physical & Chemical Effects
– Environment Friendly
– Neutral & Does Not Cause Allergies
– Lifetime Guarantee

Cooking Without Water Faster, Easier, Cheaper, Healthier & Tastier:

– When cooking without adding water, always place fresh rinsed food in the cold pot, either leaving 1/4 of the pot empty or leaving a space of 3 cm maximum from the pot edge and cover.
– Put the pot covered on the cold stove, and turn on the medium to higher heat source.
– When the thermocontrol arrow reaches the halfway point of the green field on the moist scale, turn the heat down to the minimum.
– Food is cooked in its own juice that remains in the pot.
– The steam, release by the food inside the cookware, rises to the top. The lid is always cooler than the pot so the steam condenses upon contact with the lid. The nutritional liquid then drips down to the bottom and onto the food. This process goes on until the food is perfectly cooked.
– A water seal formed between the pot edge and the pot lid hermetically closes the pot.
– Cooking is finished after approximate in 20 minutes.

You will notice that food cooked without adding water looks better since its color, shape and texture are preserved; it is tastier because natural flavors and aromas are preserved; it is healthy because nutritive and biological values (vitamins, minerals, proteins, micro and macro trace elements) are preserved.

Essential nutrients are not lost. Food does not get burnt and is not cancerogenic.
Zepter saves food, energy, time and money, but most importantly; Zepter protects your health.

Frying Without Fats Faster, Easier, Cheaper, Healthier & Tastier:

– When frying without adding fats, always place the meat in an already heated pot.
– Place the empty pot covered on the stove and always switch it on to the maximum for to 4 minutes.
– The pot is ready for frying once the thermocontrol arrow has reached the halfway point of the green field on the dry scale, or when you put a few drops of water on the surface and they start running after 4 minutes maximum.
– Always place the meat in the already empty heated pot and press the meat to sear it.
– After 30-60 seconds turn the fried meat over and press again, leave it like this, until done.
– Turn the heat down to the minimum, turn off or remove the pot from the heat source.
– Use the lid depending on what frying method is used.
– The frying process is finished after approximately 10 minutes.

Essential nutrients are not lost. Food does not shrink, no food is wasted.
It does not stick to the pot, does not get burnt, and the food has no dangerous fats (trans-fat acids); it contains no acrolein and is not cancerogenic.


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