Conventional Cookware Disadvantages

Common conventional cookware includes: ceramic, glass, aluminum, steel, enamel, & non-stick coating cookware.

Due to the poor composition of conventional cookware:

–  The material easily oxidizes due to its exposure to oxygen, which creates rust. During the cooking process while using rusted cookware, iron oxide will combine with your food.

Ingesting an excess amount of iron may cause oxidant damage, the destruction of delicate body tissue, which leads to inflammation. Oxidant damage contributes to an insufficient repair of vital organs, leading to cancer, diabetes, kidney failure, cardiac diseases and nervous system diseases.

A large intake of iron tends to replace significant minerals such as zinc and copper manganese. Generally, these minerals react with corresponding enzymes. If enzymes cannot attain their specific minerals at binding sites, they malfunction. An irregular function of enzymes may cause poor immune system maintenance and digestive problems.

– The material is unable to distribute heat evenly and cannot retain a stable temperature throughout the cooking process, which increases the time to prepare your meals.

– Inconsistent temperatures while cooking may lead to the unpleasant burning of your food. As a result, you will have a hard time washing and maintaining your conventional cookware.

-The material is not durable which may lead to damage and discoloration within conventional cookware. Meaning, you will spend more money purchasing worthless pots and pans.

– Studies have proven certain non-stick coating materials on conventional cookware release carcinogens when heated to a specific temperature. When heated even further, the chemicals transform into toxic gases.

Conventional Cookware


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